I’ve been a leader in identity branding for all markets, my use of color has become my signature.

I know when to tone down for a stark and elegant design too, creating an emotion that represents the desired outcome. I understand the need to stand out and be ahead of the latest trends. I have focused on creating an overall look and feel for each client teaching them the importance of a united front in everything they do. I have done extensive research in user interface design and designing for a specific ‘call-to-action’. My biggest pet peeve is a website that is not intuitive to ALL users or a print project that does not have a clear message.

My goal is to get my clients noticed and make it easy for THEIR customers to interact, find information, and purchase products or services. I believe simple is best.

I bring years of project management experience working in varying types of industries from Fortune 500 companies to startups. I have worked as an individual contributor or contractor and as a full-time project lead.

The best proof of my skills is my client feedback.

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Disc Makers chose my design for the ARBIELLE CD cover to be included in their marketing material.

Design Award – Magnify 360 Winner Best Design

Notable Past Clients

Magnify 360  – Contractor –  Landing page designer for Fortune 500 companies

Hewlett Packard – Usability testing lab studies

Apple Computer Inc. – Marketing ‘Evangelism’ group interacting with 3rd party software developers

Emagineering LLC – Designing websites for the hotel industry

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been involved in design and technology most of my career. I currently live in the beautiful state of Oregon. My philosophy is simpleā€¦ create art that best represents my clients without sending them over their budget. I am in love with color and layout design, it’s my passion. I strive to be a leader to show my clients a new way to look at things.